Why Choose Pathwayz As Your Amarillo Business ISP 

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Hunting for a Canyon and Amarillo business ISP can be challenging, especially when there’s so many providers vying for your attention. And while you might be assuming the big-name brands are the best internet solution you can get, we’re here to challenge that assumption. As a local company, there are so many benefits to choosing Pathwayz as your Canyon/ Amarillo business ISP. But to save you some time, we’ve only listed five. 

1. We’re Built on Fast, Reliable Fiber 

Our internet runs on the fastest internet connection available: fiber. And we’re not exaggerating. Fiber literally sends your data packets at the speed of light, allowing you to enjoy upload and download speeds of up to 1Gbps. And enjoy those speeds consistently with dedicated connections. 

Other Amarillo ISPs run on DSL and cable which often can’t offer consistent speeds. The reason for this is that DSL and cable connect users to a shared data hub with a finite amount of data. During high traffic times, users will experience low, or even throttled, bandwidth as the hub strains to keep up with all the data being sent from server to server. 

Not only is fiber faster than DSL and cable, but it’s also more reliable. Unlike cable, fiber lines are buried deep underground, making them less susceptible to natural disasters that often disrupt larger cable networks. 

Do you use a cloud PBX phone system? See how fiber can benefit you specifically here. 

2. You Get Access to All Your Data 

We touched on this in the previous point, but another reason we’re the top Amarillo business ISP is because we don’t restrict your data. Many internet providers limit how much data you can use a month or throttle it during high traffic times. With Pathwayz, you get to enjoy as much data as you can over your dedicated fiber internet connection. 

3. We Offer Transparent Pricing with No Surprise Fees 

Another benefit of fiber is how affordable it is compared to DSL and cable (when measuring price per Mbps). And we get to pass those savings on to you! Not only will you pay less for a better service, but you also won’t have to worry about dealing with pointless fees many Amarillo business ISPs tack onto their services. With Pathwayz, you get what you pay for: fast, reliable internet. No tricks, no gimmicks, no pointless price hikes. 

4. We’re Equipped with a Fast, Local Response Team 

As an Amarillo business ISP, with physical presence in the city, we give you 24/7 access to a team of experts in your area. No more waiting on hold for hours to get to a support agent that doesn’t know your business needs. Now you can get same-day answers (and same-day solutions) from a technician that’s been specially trained to handle any internet connectivity issues. We also do on-site visits, so if you’re experiencing any hardware issues we can be there to help within the hour! 

Pathwayz: Your Choice of Amarillo/Canyon ISPs! 

With personalized customer care, fast and affordable connectivity, and top-notch security, we hope it’s easy to see why Pathwayz is the top Canyon & Amarillo business ISP. And we want to bring all those benefits to you! Interested? If the answer’s yes, please don’t hesitate to reach out and one of our experts will contact you ASAP. 

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