What Does Hosted PBX Mean for 2023 and Beyond 

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As we close out 2022 and look ahead to 2023, you might be faced with the decision to upgrade your communications systems. Transitioning to a hosted PBX 2023, may not be at the top of your mind, but it should be. A traditional phone system isn’t going to be able grow with you the way a hosted PBX solution can. Think of the move as an investment as opposed to a cost. Using a traditional system may end up costing you eventually. Here’s why you need to invest in hosted VoIP in 2022 and beyond. 

What is a Hosted PBX 2023 Solution? 

A hosted PBX solution is a type of communication solution that is Internet-based and provided by a third-party company. It’s a cost-effective way to provide a unified communication solution for a business’s communication needs. So, what are the business benefits of transitioning to a hosted PBX in 2023? Read on to find out. 

Hosted PBX 2023 Solution: Quick Setup 

A traditional or on-site phone system can take weeks or months to install. Your clients don’t have that time to wait. Plus, factor in the time for training. Migration to a hosted PBX is activated quicker because there’s no hardware installation or PTSN connectivity. 

Most SMBs can now experience a setup in about 2 weeks, and if you’re a new business, with new numbers, Pathwayz can get you started as fast as 1-4 business days. Large enterprise-sized businesses looking for a hosted PBX solution can be ready to go within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks). The longest process is porting numbers from the original carrier. 

Hosted PBX 2023 Solution: Cost Savings 

As mentioned above the cost savings are a tremendous benefit from adding a hosted pbx solution to your business. There are some initial costs up front for hardware, like handsets, but you pay only a monthly subscription fee per user. There are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.  

It’s truly able to grow with your business as your business grows. There’s no need for expensive hardware or IT staff needed to maintain it. You can expect to save on your monthly bill when it comes to making your business voice calls.  

The other savings benefits may not be as tangible, but you’ll save just the same. You won’t lose productivity if your lines go down thanks to redundancy. Your provider’s data centers will pick up any slack if something goes wrong. Businesses are keeping an eye on costs and a hosted PBX in 2022 will help you save on your bottom line. 

Hosted PBX 2023 Solution: Unifying Communications 

A hosted PBX solution unlocks capabilities that are unparalleled by traditional telephones. Because the solution is internet based, the opportunity to send and receive larger data packets enables more features.  

Some great features of hosted solutions include voice and messaging just to name a few. The difference between legacy lines and hosted PBX 2023 features in just voice alone can be astonishing.  

To learn more about hosted PBX voice features, click here 

Hosted PBX 2023 Solutions: Scale Faster 

Traditional phone systems have a reputation for not being easy to scale. In some instances, you would need to make a service call to your provider, set an appointment for a technician to come out, and wait for said technician to upgrade equipment and/ or run new lines. All of this can take quite some time.  

Moving to a hosted PBX in 2023 allows you to add users or features in 24 hours or less and is quick and painless. It’s perfect for businesses with seasonal needs that need to scale up or down, or if you’re a startup who’s growing quickly. 

Hosted PBX Solutions: Go Mobile 

This benefit allows users to enable their mobile device to receive their hosted PBX 2023 calls. However, this technology is not limited to mobile phones. You and your employees can receive calls on your tablet and desktop computer (soft phone) as well. 

Why Choose Pathwayz Cloud PBX 

When looking for a hosted PBX, your business needs are the most important. The team at Pathwayz is always ready to listen to your personal and business goals. We will work with you to confirm your business communication needs. Once we know your goals and needs, we can pair you with the right features and functions of our cloud PBX solution. Contact us today and let’s get started! 

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