Growing Your Business: The Best Phone System For Multiple Locations 

The Best Phone System For Multiple Locations

Just a few years ago, only the largest companies had to worry about finding the best phone system for multiple locations. Now, thanks to several technological advancements and the recent explosion of remote work, businesses of all sizes can have multiple “offices” in different locations. While this flexibility has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages as well. 

Your staff might have difficulty communicating between sites. Your phone bill might’ve doubled, or even tripled, to cover the costs of all those sites. So how do you ensure everyone can communicate well at a cost you can afford? Invest in the best phone system for multiple locations. 

How Do We Find the Best Phone System for Multiple Locations? 

The best phone system for multiple locations is often debated. Let’s begin by looking at the two main types of phone systems you’ll be choosing from: on-premise phones and cloud-based PBX. 

Premise-Based Phone Systems 

Although cloud-based and premise-based phone systems do have several similarities, it is important to note that on-premise phone systems can be a little riskier to operate. An on-premise phone system is not only housed on site, but also either leased or owned by you, the business owner. This means that you are taking on all the risk involved with a phone system. 

When you own and operate a premise-based phone system, you are responsible for all the maintenance and upgrades for the system. While having ownership of the system can be a good thing, that means if anything breaks, you will be responsible for replacing it.  

An on-premise phone system also likes to do just that: Keep you on-premise. It can be extremely difficult and costly to take your system remote or to connect your business line to your cellular devices. This equipment was created with one location in mind and will cost you should you try and break away from said location. 

Best Phone System for Multiple Locations: Cloud-Based Phone Systems 

Cloud-based phone systems aren’t physically located in your office buildings. The main system is located in your phone provider’s data center, and it sends calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. Many cloud-based phone systems also come with a softphone application, which allows your employees to transform any internet-connected device into an office phone – from personal smartphones to work-issued laptops.  

Because of its flexibility, as well as its ease of use, a cloud-based phone system is an excellent phone system for multiple locations. Not only will it reduce call and installation costs, but it will effectively support those employees that work exclusively from home!  

Pathwayz Offers the Best Phone System for Multiple Locations: 

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