How To Choose The Best Business Phone System For Your Needs 

Women Asking Herself How to choose the best business phone system

More businesses are returning to the office now that COVID is more treatable and under control. Have you considered your phone system’s capabilities over the last few years? The system you have been using may not fit the needs of your returning employees. 

Your employees have been working remotely and have become used to virtual communication and using their mobile devices. Is your business phone system able to keep up? 

Not all phone systems are created equally, so if you are considering upgrading, here is how to choose the best business phone system to meet your needs. 

Choosing The Best Business Phone System: Evaluate Your Current Phones 

With the constantly changing landscape over the last few years, it’s probably been a while since you’ve evaluated your current setup.  Technology changes rapidly, so what has worked in the past may not work currently. You might be experiencing rapid growth and your current phone system may not be keeping up. Documenting the current issues makes it easier to begin the evaluation process. This transitional period is the perfect time to note what features of your current system are serving your business, and what may be lacking.  

Choosing The Best Business Phone System: Costs 

Every business has a budget, and it is important to find a system with the features you need that stays within that floor. However, there needs to be some leeway, especially if you’re looking for the best business phone system to meet the needs of your employees. Cheaper does not necessarily mean better. If you cut costs and eliminate essential features, you risk disillusionment of essential personnel. 

Costs vary depending on the number of users, handsets and whether additional hardware is required. Keep in mind that the cost of a cloud PBX tends to be less expensive overall than a traditional phone line, making it the best business phone system for a company watching their bottom line. 

Choosing The Best Business Phone System: Essential Features 

If you are the decision-maker, what is important to you, may not be important to someone else. Do you need call forwarding or voicemail to enhance the customer experience? Do employees want their calls routed to their mobile phone? Is there a receptionist on the staff or will you need auto-forwarding? 

Make a list of the essential features for your comparison when choosing the best business phone system for you. The shiny new toys of the new system are nice, but make sure you have the essentials taken care of. Then decide on the nice-to-have extra features. 

Does your business operate out of multiple locations? A business phone solution that services multiple locations will have different requirements than one requiring an individual location. If you are considering a cloud-based phone system, this may not be an issue, however, it is something to consider. 

Traditional Phone System vs. Cloud PBX 

When choosing the best business phone system for you, you should consider this: why are businesses choosing a cloud-based phone system over traditional phone systems? Traditional phone systems use copper-based landlines which enter the business’s location. It is worth noting that POTS are going to be phased out. Traditional phone systems can be expensive and difficult to upgrade. 

More businesses are choosing hosted or cloud-based systems. Cloud-based phone systems use your company’s Internet connection and can be used easily through multiple locations. A traditional system requires more upfront costs for the hardware since it’s on premises. You also need to consider having an IT staff to configure and maintain the system. 

Cloud-based phone systems are feature-rich and can help improve your business processes and save you money. There are pros and cons to each, so have that conversation with your provider. 

Test Your Internet Connection 

If a cloud-based system is your preferred choice, test your Internet connection. If you are still running a T1 line from the early 2000s, you will have an unpleasant experience with frequent glitches and dropped calls. Test your connection throughout the workday and get an average speed. If you are receiving a weak signal, consider upgrading first. 

Choosing The Right Phone System For You With Pathwayz 

When determining the best business phone system for your needs, it is important to keep in mind the costs, the features essential to your employees, and the type of phone system that is best for your business. It is a crucial decision.  

If you would like to learn more, the team at Pathwayz is always ready to have that conversation and discuss the goals of your upgrade and put you on the path to making the right decision. Contact us today and let us get you started. 

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