Will Inclement Weather Impact My Cloud Hosted PBX Service?

Will Inclement Weather Impact My Cloud Hosted PBX Service?

Spring has sprung across the country. We’re all looking forward to leaving the dreary cold behind for sunshine and the newness that the change in season brings. But with this change in weather comes an increase in severe weather risk. 

From hurricanes along the coastlines to tornado alley of the Midwest, you may wonder how cloud hosted PBX services perform during inclement weather. Below, you’ll discover how reliable cloud hosted PBX is in even the roughest weather. 

A Cloud-Based Infrastructure 

Cloud hosted PBX services leverage use of cloud technology and aren’t tied to physical hardware, which protects you from potential damage caused by local weather disturbances. I’m sure you’re thinking the hardware has to exist somewhere to support the cloud-based infrastructure, and you’re right. Cloud hosted PBX is supported by data centers all around the country. These data centers have been strategically built in areas that are less likely to experience natural disasters. Plus, just in case the worst happens, the physical buildings that house data are built to endure harsh conditions so that all phone systems stay up and running across the country. 

Robust Disaster Recovery 

Only 54 percent of organizations have an established, company-wide disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery is essential for every system of every kind. Cloud hosted PBX service is designed to have multiple levels of redundancy to protect you no matter the weather. Redundancy is necessary because if one path fails, another then takes over without you needing to take any action. That way, you’ll avoid the downtime that would otherwise occur. 


You have to be flexible in business, especially in severe weather. Cloud hosted PBX service is inherently scalable, so you can adjust capacity as your business needs change. This could mean increasing the number of lines to accommodate higher call volumes during an emergency or enabling remote work capabilities for employees who cannot travel to the office. You can also change the features of your cloud hosted PBX system to respond to emergencies. This could look like enabling call forwarding or voicemail when you have to close the office early. 

 Monitoring Capabilities 

Cloud hosted PBX services typically come with continuous monitoring systems. These systems make it easy to keep track of your network’s performance. Constant monitoring systems detect potential issues before they affect your communication systems.  During severe weather, monitoring systems help you to stay informed and proactive in inclement weather to avoid possible disruptions. 

It is essential to consider the impact of severe weather on your communication systems. With cloud hosted PBX, you’ll always have a resilient and reliable communication solution that stands up to the challenges posed by extreme weather. 

Pathwayz Cloud Hosted PBX: Ready for Any Weather 

We offer cloud hosted PBX services for every kind of business, especially fast-growing ones. Our cloud  hosted PBX phone systems have various features, including auto attendants for streamlined call routing that enhances the customer experience. Easy integration with collaborative tools makes team communication and efficiency easy as well. With Pathwayz you, you can access your business line anywhere, regardless of the weather. Contact us to learn more.