POTS & Copper Phone Lines are Retiring – Are You Ready? 

copper phone lines looking old

Back in the early days of telecommunication, copper phone lines were the only infrastructure for telephone services we had. They even acted as the original connectivity point for the worldwide web. However, as technology has evolved, telecommunication companies began upgrading their infrastructure. Copper wires were superseded by DSL, and then by fiberoptic cables.  

With the growing capacity and popularity of fiber, providers are slowly retiring their copper-based communication services.  

Is your phone system based on copper wiring or POTS lines? Do you want to continue with these lines a little while longer, with additional fees, or make the big switch? Now’s the time to future-proof your business communications by upgrading your lines. 

What is Your Copper Phone Line Status?  

Identify any business communications that rely on copper 

Reach out to your telecommunications provider and ask about your current solution. Does it rely on copper wiring and POTS lines? If so, does your provider have a migration plan? When will that plan be implemented? Once these questions are answered, you can move ahead with your own planning. 

Review all services that utilize copper or POTS lines 

Are these services required in your current business model? If so, is there a fiber alternative? If not, could you safely eliminate them from your communications strategy? 

Sometimes these older services have already been replaced or upgraded by your provider. In that case, you’re off the hook! 

Communicate with your provider about eliminating all copper or POTS-based solutions 

If you find that most – or all – of your communication equipment relies on POTS lines or copper, you should begin researching replacement technology right away. Work with your providers to create a migration plan to new and better offerings. Many consumers choose to make the switch to a “younger” provider, finding it to be more time and cost-effective than wading through a sea of technical requirements. 

What are Your Options to Upgrade Your Copper Phone Lines? 

Utilize Mobile Broadband 

Rather than tap directly into fiber, you can also send your communications data over a cellular network. You’ll receive a router and a data plan from your provider and be able to connect and deploy your phone system quickly and easily. However, pricing for this kind of connection can be steep. Instead of using a fixed, monthly model, providers usually charge based on your data consumption. If you go over your limit, additional charges will apply. 

Upgrade to a VoIP Service Provider & Phone System 

This option is perfect if you’re a small-to-medium business looking for a simple solution to replace your legacy POTS system. Not only are VoIP phone systems charged at a low monthly rate per user, but they are also able to connect directly to the fiber infrastructure using nothing but an ethernet cord. It’s simple, easy, and affordable. 

Want to Keep Copper Phone Lines? 

You can probably keep your copper phone lines for your business. However, due to the antiquated system, providers have begun charging an extra fee to support copper phone lines. While this fee may be no big deal for your company and your bottom line, an upgrade is worth thinking about. After all, you will need to make the switch eventually.  

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