Cloud PBX and Fiber Internet are the Perfect Pair for Your Business Phone System 

Looking for the perfect business phone system

If you are looking for a new business phone system, no time has been more exciting to do that search than right now. Why, you may ask… well, that’s because business phone systems on the market today give you more features and functionality than predecessors at speeds never seen before. If you ask our opinion, we suggest cloud PBX with fiber internet. 

Why Cloud PBX for a Business Phone System? 

A Cloud PBX business phone system is a solution that is provided and accessed through the internet. It boasts several fantastic features that benefit a business’ bottom line. A cloud PBX’s software is not located in a server on-site, it’s stored in the cloud. Some of the best features of a cloud PBX are listed below.  


It’s important for you to know that your service is reliable. You need to be able to connect with your customers on their time, no matter what. 


We all know businesses ebb and flow throughout their lifetime, hopefully with a steady upward tick. As your business grows or shrinks, you want to be able to size your business phone system appropriately. With a cloud PBX, you will be able to scale up or down according to your needs.  


A cloud-based business phone system is better for your bottom line. Copper lines are getting more and more expensive. Repair, maintenance, and service calls on copper are expensive, and carriers are passing those costs along to you. Traditional phone service often includes hidden fees that can quickly add up. Along with hidden fees and expensive repairs, initial installation costs are usually quite high. 


Arguably, the most exciting part of cloud PBX is the functions and features of the solution. If you are used to POTs telephone service, you are in for a treat! The basic phone features of voice and voicemail are there, but with so much more.  

Features like call center, conference calling, auto attendants, mobile apps, voicemail to email, caller queueing, follow me/find me, SMS capability, messaging and so much more. 

Fiber Optic Support for your Business Phone System 

Now that you have found the perfect business phone system in cloud PBX, it’s time to talk about how you implement this solution. The FCC is retiring copper wiring from big providers. This means that copper wiring is soon on its way out for everyone. So, if copper wiring is no longer available for you to utilize, what should you use? 

We say fiber! Fiber optic cables are an excellent choice for your communication connections. That’s because of the way that fiber is made and the way it operates. Fiber optic cables are made of bundles of tiny glass “fibers” about the width of a human hair. These bundles are surrounded by insulation to protect the glass.  

Fiber is also much faster than copper lines. Fiber optic cables run data packets through them as light. We have all heard the term “speed of light” before, and fiber can send data at speeds close to that. If you have ever had to choose an internet package depending on what speed your internet is, you may know that 1 gig speed is often very expensive. However, fiber delivers 1 gig speed as its baseline.  

Pathwayz provides the Right Pathway to Great Business Phone Systems 

Pathwayz is so excited to help you update – or introduce you to – a cloud PBX business phone system. Not only can we offer you a wonderful cloud PBX solution, but we can also help you acquire fiber internet for your business. We would love to help you make the most of your business phone system, so reach out to us today. 

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