What to Look for in a Business Phone System? 

business phone system

In today’s hybrid and remote work environment, there’s nothing more important than communication. Communication is crucial among your employees and customers. And a good phone system can help you stay connected with customers. But the best business phone systems also function as collaboration and customer experience tools. And they play a crucial role in enhancing […]

Is Digital Phone Service Reliable? 

business man using digital phone service

Yes, Digital phone service is reliable. However, don’t mix digital phone service with an IP phone or cloud-based phone service. A digital phone service converts analog signals to digital and enables more information to be transferred.  Disadvantages of Digital Phone Service  Digital phone service it’s still using a traditional phone line to transmit the call. […]

How To Choose The Best Business Phone System For Your Needs 

Women Asking Herself How to choose the best business phone system

More businesses are returning to the office now that COVID is more treatable and under control. Have you considered your phone system’s capabilities over the last few years? The system you have been using may not fit the needs of your returning employees.  Your employees have been working remotely and have become used to virtual […]

Big Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System for Small Businesses 

Woman Using cloud-based phone system for small business

If you are on the fence about adding a cloud-based phone system to your small business, this article is for you. We will discuss a quick definition of what a cloud-based phone system for small business is and a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you utilize this type of phone system. Keep […]

The Texas Universal Service Fund Rate is Increasing

TUSF: Texas Universal Service Fund Rate

If you are used to your regular phone service tax rate of 3.3%, prepare yourself. As of August 1st, the Texas Universal Service Fund rate has gone up all the way to 24%. This nearly 700% increase applies to all traditional phone services – landline and wireless alike.  It doesn’t apply to internet IP voice […]

A VoIP Phone System Could Be the Key to Your Success

Successful Man With Voip Phone System

When the pandemic shut down the business world as we knew it in 2020, business owners everywhere needed to come up with a solution to keep their businesses afloat. Many used whatever programs and solutions they could find to create a “fix” for their workers.   Once workers were allowed to go back to work, managers, […]

Growing Your Business: The Best Phone System For Multiple Locations 

The Best Phone System For Multiple Locations

Just a few years ago, only the largest companies had to worry about finding the best phone system for multiple locations. Now, thanks to several technological advancements and the recent explosion of remote work, businesses of all sizes can have multiple “offices” in different locations. While this flexibility has its advantages, it also has its […]

POTS & Copper Phone Lines are Retiring – Are You Ready? 

copper phone lines looking old

Back in the early days of telecommunication, copper phone lines were the only infrastructure for telephone services we had. They even acted as the original connectivity point for the worldwide web. However, as technology has evolved, telecommunication companies began upgrading their infrastructure. Copper wires were superseded by DSL, and then by fiberoptic cables.   With the […]