Business Messaging

In an increasingly mobile world, being able to send and receive text messages on a business line isn’t just a convenience – it’s a necessity. You need business messaging! 

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Your Customers Want Messaging!

It’s no secret that messaging has become the number one way to communicate with consumers. Over 90% of them prefer text messages over direct phone calls, with email as a distant second.

Don’t let your business get left behind – unlock the benefits of business messaging today!

Get The Most Out Of Business Messaging


Messaging open rates run as high as 98%! Find, keep, and close more leads with personalized texts and scheduled follow-ups.


Did you know 75% of consumers prefer texts to advertisements? Get better engagement for less with customizable text blasts.


Respond to your customers' needs faster and with greater accuracy thanks to text logs and many-to-one number assignments.


Messaging can even benefit your internal teams! Communicate with employees quickly and efficiently on our mobile app.

Features Of
Pathwayz Business Messaging

The Pathwayz Messaging Platform doesn’t just text-enable your numbers. It gives you everything you need to send the kind of texts customers will open – from appointment reminders to loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.

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Why Utilize The Pathwayz Messaging Platform?

Our messaging platform’s features and functions don’t just benefit your customers – they benefit your business too!